This year’s Six Nations to conclude based on first week’s standings

The 2020 Six Nations tournament is to be concluded based on the first week’s standings, according to Dai who used to go down the pub.

It would mean that Wales would successfully defend their triumphant and majestic title of Six Nations Champions once again.

Dai told WalesOnCraic:

“I thinks this is the only way to sort this out because the boys aren’t really going to be in the mood to play when this lockdown thing finally ends are they? They’ll have lost all their muscle tone and that and we’ll just have long streaks of piss running around. I thinks that things should be concluded based on the first week’s standings because it all sort of went downhill after that. The boys in red did a proper number on the Italians in the first week and France beat the Saes so it’ll all work out pretty well I think. I’ll speak to Jim down the pub to see if we can have a socially-distanced party to celebrate over the summer.”

Wales beat Italy 42-0 in their first game of this year’s tournament and ended the weekend as table leaders.

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