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This is the latest dieting fad that’s sweeping the world – and it’s working

A new diet that’s sweeping the world has seen people losing weight, dropping dress sizes and feeling a lot better in themselves.

The new diet, called the ‘Stop Eating Shit’ diet is in fact an old one but has recently been resurrected by logical thinking people.

Fitness instructor Helen BingoWings told WalesOnCraic:

“People come to me asking me to help them lose weight. I ask them what they eat and they usually give me an answer that confirms that they just eat a lot of shit. This new diet turns that on its head. We’re saying ‘Stop Eating Shit’ and see what happens. Over the course of months, you’ll see the weight dropping off, even if you don’t pay me thousands of pounds to look after your exercise regime.”

Wendy Flabbyguts who has been on the diet for 5 months said:

“I stopped eating shit 5 months ago and already I’m seeing results. I’m not the fat twat I was 5 months ago and my boyfriend can’t keep his hands off me. And it’s all down to the ‘Stop Eating Shit’ diet.”

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