This Greggs Sausage Roll and Pasty Pizza goes on sale tonight

A takeaway in Barry is launching the world’s first Greggs Sausage Roll and Pasty Pizza.

The Lord of the Fries takeaway buy up all the stock from the town’s famous second-hand Greggs shop and stick it on a pizza.

Manager Timmy Tummy told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been struggling to make ends meet over the summer. We can’t quite put our finger on why no one has been buying our stuff. But I was in bed last week and my missis had had a few bottles of JP Chenet, and was telling me what she wanted to eat. She couldn’t decide between a bag full of Greggs or a very large pizza. In the end, she fell asleep and dribbled on her pillow but it gave me the idea of a sausage roll and pasty pizza. I went down to the second-hand Greggs shop the following day, bought a load of stuff and came home to put it on a pizza. My missis, who was hungover, ate it in one sitting. She called me a genius and told me that she wanted to sit on my face. It was then that I knew I’d done something magical.”

The pizza officially goes on sale tonight and Tim is expecting to sell out.

“If me and the second-hand Greggs shop can come up with a deal, I think we’re both on to a winner. Hopefully all the pissheads will lap it up tonight and hopefully I can retire by the age of 75 thanks to me my new invention.”

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