The Prodigy hire Drakeford for new Firebreaker video


Electronic dance band The Prodigy have reportedly hired Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford to star in their follow-up video to Firestarter.

Drakeford is set to star in a new video called Firebreaker, which will feature the minister walking around a sealed-off Bute Tunnel and head-butting thin air.

A source familiar with the story told WalesOnCraic:

“The band has been pretty quiet these last few months and of course, they’re missing their main man Keith. There were always plans to release a follow-up to Firestarter and when Mark came on the telly talking about a Firebreak, they knew that they had their man. They called him up while he was at a meeting about bin collections and left a message on his phone. We don’t know quite what happened after that but Mark has since got himself some face piercings and we also spotted a tub of green hair dye in with is packed lunch. Although we can’t definitely say, we think Mark’s been chosen to star in the new video.”

There have also been reports that the Bute Tunnels are scheduled to close during lockdown to allow for filming.

“If we put two and two together, it’s obvious that the band will be filming their new video there. We all know how popular the first video was and Firebreaker could be just as big.”

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