Teenager cleans his room by placing all his dirty plates alongside the sink downstairs

A Welsh teenager has tidied his bedroom by bringing all his dirty plates down and leaving them alongside the sink.

Craig ‘Clearasil’ Clutterbuck, aged 14, has not tidied his room since 2013. He was recently forced to clean it as his parents are looking to sell their house.

Mum Yvonne told WalesOnCraic:

“The boy’s a lazy shite. I take him up a cup of tea every afternoon at 12 and he then spends the rest of the day saving the world on his Playstation. His dad’s a waste of space so I don’t want to send him to his house. That leaves me with the lazy sod and if anyone was to walk into his room, they’d find pizza boxes and Coke cans dating back from the late 2000s.”

Yvonne asked him to clean his room and was disappointed with the outcome.

“He just brought down his dirty dishes and placed them alongside the sink. He didn’t even have the sense to put them in the bowl to sink. I think I might sell him. Do you want to buy him? For a tenner? A fiver? A fiver and a packet of Quavers?”

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