Teachers book in Inset Day to get over exhausting week off

Teachers across Wales have booked in an Inset Day for Monday to get over their exhausting week off.

Purporting to be a day of training, teachers will spend the day relaxing and chatting on school premises.

One teacher told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had such an exhausting week off work that we can’t possibly go into another seven hour day of work without getting in some more rest. We need it to get through the next seven weeks before we get another two weeks off. The six weeks off over the summer didn’t really do it for me and I’m still feeling pretty tired. No doubt, we’ll have to take some marking home over the next few weeks which means that I’ll have to stay up till at least 8pm. Tomorrow will be about catching up with mates, pretending that we’re doing some work, drinking lots of coffee and planning our next strike.”

Parents across Wales will have to source addition childcare for the day. One parent told WalesOnCraic:

“I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school. It’s been hell.”

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