Teachers book in ‘Inset Day’ to get over having 6 weeks off work

Teachers across Wales have booked in a so-called Inset Day to get over having six weeks off work.

Teachers will get together with other teachers and moan about how much marking they had to do during their month and a half off work.

One teacher told WalesOnCraic:

“We pretend that we are doing some kind of training but in fact, we’ll just sit around with large mugs of coffee having a moan. Some of us moan more than others because they’re the ones who took home a year’s worth of school books to mark because they couldn’t be arsed to do it during the year. Others will talk about how their amazing partner whisked them off to New York for two weeks. But most of us will moan.”

Like their pupils, teachers have six weeks off work during the height of summer but unlike their pupils, teachers get full pay.

“We can’t really moan it but it’s so hard coming back to work that we’ve booked in this Inset Day to try and cheer ourselves up.”

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