Taxi drivers to display notice stating how busy they’ve been and what time they finish

Taxis drivers in Cardiff are set to display notices stating how busy they’ve been and what time they’re knocking off.

Drivers say that it should cut out the amount of bollocks that customers ask when they get into their cabs.

Driver Les WetCleft told WalesOnCraic:

“We hear it day in, day out. The same old shit. Asking us how busy we’ve been and what time we’re finishing our shift. What difference does it make to their lives? Why do they insist on asking such boring questions? We thought we’d pre-empt their shit questions by displaying new notices in our cabs that detail exactly how busy we’ve been and what time we are finishing our shift. That way, the customer will know what they need to know and can just sit there in silence for the rest of the journey.”

Regular taxi user Roger Rabid said:

“I always ask my cab driver how busy he’s been and what time he’s finishing. It helps us build a rapport between us, a connection that goes far beyond just a service provider and customer. I like to show how much I care and so I’ll continue to ask the same questions to my driver, even if he is displaying his new notice.”

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