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Taking a shit officially recognised as ‘Me Time’ for struggling mums

Mums across the world have welcomed news that taking a shit has been officially recognised as taking ‘Me Time’.

Some mothers have even taken to putting it in their diaries as something to look forward to.

Mum Mandy Bucketflange told WalesOnCraic:

“I literally don’t get a minute in the day to myself unless I’m having a dump and even that can be interrupted by the kids. Last night, I was absolutely busting for a crap and I had to hold it in for two hours while I got the kids to bed. I finally got to sit down on the shitter and my husband wanders in and asks what he’s got for tea. When he mentioned that it looked like I’d done naff all throughout the day, I punched him in the face and threw his curry over him. Then I went back to finishing my shit.”

Mums have welcomed the news but want the Government to go further and protect Mummy Me Times for their own sanity.

“When the kids are very young, I can’t even go to bed to get away from it because the little shit’s next to me in his cot wanting attention. That goes for the baby too.”

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