Swansea Munter Joins LinkedIn ‘Looking For Love, Possibly Leading To A Good Frigging’

A Swansea munter has joined business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn in the hope of getting laid.

Betty ‘Sweaty’ Arseflaps has been single for 17 years but after hearing that letchy rich men linger on the site looking for ‘love’, she signed up.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been looking for love for many years. I’ve tried all the latest websites to find a man – MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Grindr. I’d never even heard of LinkedIn – I thought it was all for posh people who don’t really talk to each other. But then this woman on the news kicked off because some Donald Trump look-a-like said he wanted to get into bed with her. Who knew? I put myself on there straight away. I’ve put my best picture on there – the one without my gunt showing. I’m looking for love, possibly leading to a damn good frigging.”

But Betty’s best friend Des has warned her that she may not find true love on the popular website.

He said:

“The woman smells like hot nappy. Even if she does meet up with someone, it won’t take too long for the fella to run a mile. Not being pessimistic or anything.”

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