Super-rich tax dodgers eye up Barry Island as next offshore tax haven

Super-rich tax dodging companies and individuals are eyeing up Barry Island as the latest offshore tax haven.

Legal specialists say that because Barry Island is not technically an island anymore, companies can legally store stashes of £20 notes underneath the Log Flume.

Simon Sideways of Tossers and Scumbags Tax Experts told WalesOnCraic:

“The recent revelations have given investors the jitters so they are looking for somewhere closer to home to stash their cash. We’ve been tipped off to a secret hiding place underneath the Log Flume and we are now in the process of telling everyone in the media about it. We’ve had Bono sniffing around the place and Lewis Hamilton also dropped in by helicopter this morning. We predict that Barry Island will become the new international tax haven of the world. Biffo’s Chip Shop will do a roaring trade and it’ll breathe new life into the old place.”

One rich person said:

“Barry Island? Never heard of it but if I can save paying £4bn in taxes there, I’m all for it. Where do I sign?”