Sunday drivers gearing up to smash 16mph barrier


Sunday drivers across Wales are gearing up to break the 16mph this weekend.

Members of the group are still celebrating their 15mph milestone reached last weekend, but want to push on to break national records this week.

One Sunday drive told WalesOnCraic:

“I loves driving really slow. I gets in the car, puts Classic FM on and then drive really, really slowly. I knows me and my mates have welcomed the new 20mph law thing but personally, I don’t think it’s gone far enough. I’d like to see the new maximum law brought down to about 5mph, in line with canal barges. That way, we can all save on petrol and help save the environment.”

Sunday drivers were giddy with excitement at one of their drivers reaching 15mph last weekend.

“We don’t condone these excess speeds but it did give us all a bit of a throb on,” said one member.

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