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Sunak promises to freeze price of Space Raiders

Prime Minister hopeful Rishi Sunak has pledged to freeze the price of Space Raiders in his latest manifesto.

Sunak said that the price of Space Raiders has to remain as they are so that he can get his tiny hands on the reins of power.

A spokesman for Team Sunak told WalesOnCraic:

“Although Rishi doesn’t have any poor friends, he does like to patronise them by offering them cheap gimmicks to look like he cares. He understands the nation’s love for the corn and wheat snacks and wants to appeal to those who rely on them for their 5 a day.

“Rishi has pledged that he will freeze the price of Space Raiders until he becomes Prime Minister, after which, the snacks will be subject to standard inflationary economic rates. Rishi is also considering freezing the price of Freddos but doesn’t want to break the economy.”

Rishi is standing against Lizz Truss in the race to become PM. Truss has promised to open more pork markets in China should she become the UK’s third female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron.

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