Sun advisory: Gingers allowed back out after 9pm

Gingers across Wales have been enjoying the summer sunshine by sitting indoors and watching telly.

The Welsh government has advised that they continue to do this until at least 9pm when the sun will be lower in the sky, or possibly not in it at all.

Rufus Gingerballs, who has been sat in his house all day, told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s not been so bad. Probably the worst bit of the curfew has been the fact that I haven’t been able to get down Kwik Save and get myself some milk. I hate drinking my tea without milk and that powder stuff tastes like cack. It’s hard being a ginger sometimes.”

A government spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“We take great pride of our gingers so we like to keep the locked up during sunny days in case they go red. We advise all gingers to carry on watching crap telly until at least 9pm when the sun’s rays won’t be as strong. If you’d like to call our hotline, you can’t because we don’t have one.”

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