Sully Island declares independence from the rest of Wales

The inhabitants of a small Welsh island have declared total independence from the rest of Wales.

Brian the Otter, Chris the Seagull and Jimmy the Slug declared independence on their Facebook page yesterday.

Brian told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re sick of being under the totalitarian regime of the Welsh Assembly. We are subject to their every whim so we’ve declared total independence from the rest of the country. We believe that we can forge a great nation on our own. We have everything we need to flourish here – sun, water and even a life ring in case Jimmy falls into the sea. We will make Sully Island great again, just like it was back in the 1800s when we were totally separate from the rest of the country.”

Jimmy said:

“I loves it here. I’m away from all the foxes and other things that eat slugs. I’ll be holding out for post of Deputy Prime Minister, as longs as that long-faced arse of a seagull doesn’t get it.”

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