Street Defence Force to defend Pen-y-fan from intruders


Street Defence Force, Wales First, have said that they will defend Pen-y-Fan from intruders over the next few days.

The famous peak has been the venue for dimwits and duppers in the last few days, intent on passing on Covid-19 to other dickwads.

Street Defence Force spokesman Alun Ap Alun told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve made some signs that we’ve put up around the mountain and if that doesn’t deter them, we’ll shout at them from the other side of the valley. We are aware that there is a heavy police presence here but they are usually sat around in their panda cars talking about football and stuff. There’s an old saying that if you want the job done properly, do it yourself. And that’s exactly what we intend to do. Our billboards should do the trick and if that and our shouting doesn’t work, we’ll give them dirty looks as they head up the mountain.”

A police spokeswoman said that Pen-y-Fan has proved a popular place to visit in the last few days especially.

“I’ve never seen so many dull people in one place in all my life – and I live in Newport!” she said.

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