Stockpile of Nerf guns founds at Welsh nationalist group’s hideaway

Police have discovered a stash of Nerf guns at a hideaway belonging to Welsh street defence force, Wales First.

The group claims that it is stockpiling them in case of another English invasion.

Group member Dafydd ap Dafydd told WalesOnCraic:

“They’re coming for us, we know they are – and we need to be ready. Our beautiful country has already been taken over by the Saes once. Even today, up at Kwik Save, I saw a block of English Cheddar for sale. They spy on us through little microphones in our daffodils. They send people to live here under the pretence that they’re in love or working here. And we are not having it. We’ve been stockpiling these Nerfs now for quite some time and it’ll make the English think twice about hopping over Offa’s Dyke and taking over our country. We’ve got all sorts of models – ones that you can stick under your jumper to ones that you need two people to carry. We’ve also stockpiled thousands of Nerf bullets and we won’t be afraid to use them should the need arise.”

Police said that the guns weren’t posing an immediate threat to world peace.

“We’ll keep an eye on them but if they start getting their hands on BB guns, we’ll be looking at a different picture then.”

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