Steep Holm drifts out into the Atlantic

The island of Steep Holm has drifted out into the Atlantic from its usual resting place off the Welsh coast.

The island is famous for sitting in the middle of the Bristol Channel doing nothing in particular.

A spokeswoman from the Coastguard Association told WalesOnCraic:

“I live overlooking the channel and I was up having my Coco Pops this morning and I was looking out to sea for ages and couldn’t figure out what was different and I said to my husband who had just finished in the toilet, I said ‘What looks different Bob?’ and he said ‘Have you had your hair done again?’ and then I started questioning why I’d married this cockwomble but I was still confused as to why the channel looked different and then all of a sudden, it hit me. Steep Holm had gone.”

Eyewitnesses in Tenby said that they saw Steep Holm floating past them and on out into the Atlantic.

One of them said:

“At first, I thought it was a big lump of rock but then someone said that it was Steep Holm so we all went back inside because we were missing Coronation Street.”

Authorities are currently searching for the lost island.

Image: Eugene Birchall

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