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Steak and BJ Day is just ‘Tuesday’ for vegetarian lesbians

So-called Steak and BlowJob day is passing quietly for vegetarian lesbians, who refer to it as just ‘Tuesday’.

Steak and BlowJob Day is a day invented by big macho men who like to celebrate their hunting prowess and masculinity. It calls for steaks to be cooked and blowjobs to be given.

But for some, it’s just Tuesday.

One woman who was not participating in the day told WalesOnCraic:

“What the frig is all that about? Eat a bit of cow sinew and have your stinking tool sucked by your missis? That’s very manly isn’t it? I’ll just be spending the day like I normally do – sitting around my house, watching telly and cleaning my living room. For me, it’s just another Tuesday.”

One lad said:

“I’ve been waiting for this day all year since the last one. I haven’t had a BJ for a whole year now. In fact last year, my missis told me where to go when I asked her for one and had to get the dog to do it. He didn’t seem to mind.”

Steak and BJ Day has been billed as the Valentine’s Day for men.

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