South Wales Man Succumbs to Wife’s Wishes and Turns Heating On

A South Wales man has succumbed to his wife’s wishes and turned his heating on.

Derek Tightarse had been wanting to hold out until the New Year to put it on. But wife Maggie, who has been nagging him to put it on since June, has finally had her wishes come true.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“This is the best day of my life! Christmas has come early for me. I’ve been on at him since Wimbledon was on to get the frigging thing on. Luckily, he’s been out all day working so he’s chilled to the bone.”

Derek said:

“I’m been freezing my hairy arse off all day out on site. Even though I thought I could hold out, I’ve had to hit that big red switch. I’ll get a right ribbing from the lads down the pub but I don’t care – I’m facking freezing.”

Derek has set his heating to full power in case he comes down with man flu.

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