Smug TV viewer gets three questions correct while watching University Challenge


A TV viewer from Tonypandy has correctly guessed the answer to three questions on last night’s University Challenge.

Brian Cleverclogs is now considering applying for mastermind after his glorious success at home with the popular TV show.

His wife Emma told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t believe it. I never knew that he had it in him. I’m so shocked that I can’t even remember what the questions were now but he just came out with the answers like as if he knew them. He said the answers out loud before any of the contestants even said them. It’s like as if he taped last week’s show, learnt three of the answers and then put in on last night as if it was show that was currently being broadcast. Oh. Maybe that’s what he did. The cheating little bastard. I knew he wasn’t that clever. Three answers!? Not Brian. He’s thick as shit. That’s it. I’m divorcing the twat.”

Brian was not available for comment as he was packing his bags.

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