‘Size of Wales’ officially recognised as a unit of measurement

Authorities throughout the world have officially recognised Wales as a unit of measurement.

Football fields and double-decker buses have also been included in the units of measurements for the first time.

Measurement expert Timmy Lengthways told WalesOnCraic:

“Broadcasters often use Wales as a reference point when trying to describe an area of mass. For instance, they may say that an area of forest ‘the size of Wales’ disappears every five minutes. Or they might say that Wayne Rooney’s arse is ‘the size of Wales’. For the first time in measurement history, Wales is to be used as a reference point, along with football fields and double-decker buses. This will certainly put Wales firmly on the world map, especially when broadcasters are trying to describe how big Wales is. They’ll say ‘It’s the size of Wales’.

Welsh government officials were quick to capitalise on the news. They commissioned a £5bn statue and party to commemorate the news.

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