Shouty TV man retrieves toys to pram

A shouty TV man has retreived his toys back the pram that he threw them out of this morning.

Lardy arseslap snowflake hater Piers Morgan walked out of a live show this morning after being spoken to by a weatherman.

TV viewer Donna Slackflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“I watch Good Morning Britain every morning because I like watching the shouty TV man shouting at people he thinks are not as good as him. Things worked out a little different this morning though because the weatherman started telling him a few home truths and before we know it, the shouty TV man is walking out of the studio like Bigfoot in the woods. It’s a shame because I liked the shouty TV man shouting at people and calling them snowflakes but it turns out that he’s a snowflake after all.”

Piers Morgan has built his career around shouting at people and was hired by GMB to boost ratings after Anne Diamond proved not shouty enough. Piers is expected to return to shouty duties tomorrow once he has returned his toys to his pram.

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