Shops sell out of huskies ahead of snow

Shops across Wales have sold out of huskies, ahead of the snow forecast to hit the country.

Half a centimetre of snow is expected to fall on Wales, causing chaos and disruption nationwide.

A spokeswoman for The Association of Shops That Sell Huskies said:

“We tend to see a rush on huskies at this time of year but the alarmist headlines put out by people like yourselves has caused some panic buying this week. Sales of huskies have gone through the roof and we’ve been struggling to keep up with demand. In some instances, we’ve even been selling poodles dressed up as huskies just to make ourselves a bit of money while we can. With all this snow forecast, you can expect us to be selling all kinds of breeds and passing them off as huskies.”

One shopper said:

“I needs a husky so I can go get my beer for Friday night. I’m not watching Wales play France with nothing but a cup of pissy tea. A husky is imperative to me right now.”

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