Shopper bumps into same woman 53 times in 20 minutes

A shopper from Rhyl has bumped into the same woman 53 times in less than 20 minutes.

The woman appeared in every aisle that Tracy Turbotits visited, prompting her to question whether she was being followed.

Tracy told WalesOnCraic:

“I first saw this woman by the mushrooms. She was trying to get a pack of mushrooms, just like I was. I then headed to the cucumbers because the husband’s away and I was hoping to have some fun on my own. But as soon as I reached out to pick one up, this woman was there again. After that, I went to the baked bean aisle and she was there – every aisle I went into, she was there. I even tried to shrug her off by going back and getting more mushrooms but guess what? There she was! In less than 20 minutes, I’d bumped into her 53 times. In the end, I left my shopping and ran home. I was half expecting to see her sat in my armchair but she wasn’t. Just the dog eating my slipper.”

Tesco say that they hadn’t noticed anything suspicious around the time that Tracy visited the store.

“Mind you, I wasn’t really paying much notice,” said the security guard.

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