Shock as cyclist uses dedicated £3,000,000 cycle path

A Cardiff cyclist has shocked bystanders by using a dedicated cycle path.

Bradley ‘Wiggins’ Tightarse says he usually prefers to use the public roads because it’s his human right.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I usually like to cycle on the roads because I can annoy more people that way. When I cycle to work, I often look over at the £3,000,000 cycle path and wonder what it’d be like to ride on there. A few days ago, I was feeling wild and reckless so I took my bike on there to see how it rode. Before I knew it, the paparazzi turned up and people were stood there gawping. I thought my arse had flopped out, judging by the way that people were looking at me. I rejoined the main road and that was that.”

One eyewitness said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing:

“He just came riding down the cycle path without a care in the world. I’m usually stuck behind him on the road so to say that I was surprised was an understatement.”


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