Shit driver receives set of car indicators for Christmas

A totally shit driver has received a set of car indicators for his car as a Christmas gift.

Lenny Thickard from Treorchy was given the gift by his wife Wendy last night before Emmerdale. It is unlikely that he will use his new gift however.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“Out on the roads, the man’s a complete twat. He thinks everyone else on the roads are mind readers. I bought him these pair of indicators so that he can let people know where he’s intending to go. I don’t know why I bother. He’ll probably never use them. I bought him a blow up doll last year as he never shows me any attention and the only time he used that was when he sat it next to him to watch the rugby in September. Honest – he’s a prick.”

Lenny added:

“It’s very kind of her but I like to make my car journeys exciting by making people guess where I’m likely to be going. If I do use my indicator, it’s only to indicate right when I turn off left.”

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