Sheep ‘high on cannabis’ give sleepy smile and says “Aheasdlkfrgfkldjfs”

A sheep that was reported as being high on cannabis and terrorising local residents has been found.

Blodwyn the Sheep, formerly of Honey Farm in Brecon, made the news yesterday after getting off his tits and chasing people around the place.

But he was found at home watching a repeat of Takeshi’s Castle and eating 20 bags of Space Raiders.

Len Shortleg, who found Blodwyn, told WalesOnCraic:

“He was just there, minding his own business. I shouted out to him that I was going to arrest him and he just gave me a sleepy smile and said sleepy smile and said ‘Aheasdlkfnalciflaisaslsihtglfihsldrgfkldjfs’. Then he carried on watching Takeshi’s Castle before falling asleep. I can now assure readers that this psychotic sheep has now been captured and taken back to Honey Farm, where he will be told off.”

Derek the Weathersheep, the famous resident of Honey Farm, was asked to comment:

“Sorry. I’m up to my nuts in guts at the moment,” he said.

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