1:1 scale model warship in Cardiff Dock

Residents of Cardiff Bay were today confused by the sight of one of the world’s largest scale models of a Royal Navy warship ever made when it mysteriously appeared in Brittania Quay.

Local resident and café owner Phil Flapjack said:

“I went to bed at 10pm last night, and in the middle of the night there was a loud splash and there it was. With UEFA around the corner, many thought the vessel was genuine until doubts were raised about the quality of the paintwork and apparent use of ‘toy guns’ onboard.”

The model maker, local man and model enthusiast Stephen Tickyman described the project as, ‘one of the biggest projects he’d undertaken’. Using a scale of 1:1, Tickyman has painstakingly recreated the original HMS Severn in minute detail. Locals have volunteered to play the part of the crew, though many of those visiting have expressed surprise that the boat is nothing more than a balsa wood shell with no internal workings.

One visitor, wishing to remain anonymous, said:

“I paid 50p to visit the boat – the whole things made of wood and to be honest, one match and it will be the biggest bonfire Cardiff’s seen since that recycling fire earlier in the week.”

It is understood model maker Tickyman has in fact been approached to see if he’s available to make several more 1:1 scale models, including several aircraft carriers, a couple of frigates, and a royal yacht called ‘Liz 2’.

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