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Santa arrested in Chile after Boxing Day fracas

Santa Claus has been arrested after kicking off in a bar in Chile.

The jovial round fellow was arrested after getting totally sh*t-faced on Boxing Day.

Chilean police told WalesOnCraic:

“He’d obviously had a long weekend, what with driving around the world delivering all those presents and that. God knows why he chose Chile to let his hair down but witnesses saw him enter the bar around lunchtime. By the time The Chase had started, he was totally steaming. He’d fallen off his stool seven times and was beginning to get a bit pervy with the girls. Then he started shooting his mouth off about getting not getting paid enough for the job he does and started smashing up the toilets. We were called but it all got out of hand so we had to sent in the riot squad. Santa finally emerged from the bar and we had to restrain him and put him in a cell to cool off.”

Eye-witnesses said that Santa seemed very tired and stressed.

“He was wanting some kind of blow out after Christmas. He touched me on my buttocks at one point which was kind of nice but obviously not socially acceptable these days.”

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