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Ryanair to arrange a piss up in a brewery

Discount flight operator Ryanair is to organise a piss up in a brewery next week.

The airline said it liked a challenge and wanted to see if it could achieve new standards.

Spokeswoman Mary O’Flanery O’Hearlahy told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re going to organise a piss up in a brewery so we are. To date, we’ve managed to achieve some pretty amazing things at this company. Our latest balls up is making headlines across the world so we thought we’d push ourselves even further and have therefore arranged to run a piss up in a brewery. We’ve got all the top bosses coming down to arrange it all – these guys are masters of bollocksing things up and we can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve bought some new shoes special, so I have.”

The news of the piss up follows the airline’s latest PR disaster.

“We’ve got no idea what’s happened over the last week but our customers are taking it well and only swearing at us once every other sentence.”

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