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Roseanne Barr gets new job in Caerphilly Greggs

Disgraced TV star Roseanne Barr has landed herself a new role as a sales assistant in Greggs.

The comedian starts her new job in the Caerphilly branch of the bakery on Monday.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I said something naughty on Twitter so I’m moving to Wales to start myself a new life. I’ve heard that Greggs is a top quality baker and that their branch in Caerphilly is looking for a new member of staff. I did a phone interview last night and managed not to say anything racist and the lady phoned me back last night to say that I have the job. Over the weekend, I’ll be learning the prices of steak bakes, sausage rolls and flake fancies. I’ll be picking up my new uniform on Saturday and I’m hoping that I’ll fit right into my new role – or should that be ROLL – ha, ha. God. I am SO funny. Did you see how I made a joke there? I said ROLL instead of ROLE. I should have my own TV show or something.”

A manager for Greggs said:

“She says one thing out of line and she’s out on her earhole. And we don’t want her stuffing cakes up her jumper either. We know what these sort of people are like.”

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