Rooms at North Wales’ new prison available on Trivago website

WalesOnCraic’s crime correspondent, Robin Banks can confirm that rooms at a new North Wales prison are being advertised on the Trivago website.

Trivago is the website where they compare hotel prices and enable users to get the best deals.

Robin Banks received a tip off from a reliable source, when talking to prison officers at the Prison Officers Council AGM, in a top Newtown hotel.

Robin went onto the Trivago website and looked for accommodation in the Wrexham area for early March. And sure enough, he was advised of 3 cells being available for £45 a night. It included an early morning call at 7am, free of charge.

Robin Banks made a reservation and obtained evidence of his booking. He then spoke to the Prison Minister, Edward Farquhar-Ferguson. The Minister confirmed that as the prison will be the UK’s largest prison and hold up to 2000 prisoners, when full. It opens on 27th February, but its likely to be mid-2018, when it will be full.

“Due to austerity, it was decided to generate money by letting vacant cells as there was a demand for secure accommodation in North Wales,” said the Minister.

The Minister went on:

“Prison staff have been trained up and will have to be paid, even though there won’t be many prisoners, to start with. The prison staff have received training on customer service and this will benefit the prison service, when the prison is 100% occupied by prisoners. We hope to generate up to £12 million pounds and that is good news for taxpayers.”

WalesOnCraic spoke to Sion Thompson-Guiltyasfeck who has spent a week-end at HMP Berwyn. He said:

“I have had my belongings stolen at several establishments over the years. But my property was secure at HMP Berwyn. OK, the TV is crap. No Sky, but the food was good and I see Wrexham Council’s Environmental Health Officers have given it a 5 Star rating for ‘Scores on the Doors’.”

A spokesperson for Wrexham Borough Council said:

“This is a novel method of providing desperately needed accommodation and I am sending my Mother-in-law there for a fortnight. I got a good deal on Trivago.”

WalesOnCraic has managed to get a cell for 2 for a week’s holiday in a special deal with Trivago, with all meals and ear plugs included. An early morning call at a time of your choice between 6-8am is also included.

To enter, send an e-mail to by noon 31st January saying in less than 50 words, why you would like to win the free week’s holiday for 2 at HMP Berwyn. The holiday is available in July or August 2017.

The Editor’s decision is final. No family or friends of WalesOnCraic staff or contributors may enter.

The winner will be notified by a black maria turning up outside their house at 6am in the morning. The winner is also expected to write a review of their stay. Good luck.

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