Roath Park lake to be turned into Finding Nemo Aqua Park

Cardiff County Borough Council has announced that it is turning Roath Park lake into a giant Finding Nemo Aqua Park.

The council says that it is committed to building on local beauty spots over the next few years.

A spokeswoman for the council told WalesOnCraic:

“We are committed to bringing tourism back to the capital and we are happy to announce that we’ll be turning Roath Park lake into some kind of aqua park. We had a meeting down the pub last night and it was decided that Finding Nemo was the only water-based theme we could think of. So that was that we decided on. We’ll have slides and pedloes and all kinds of stuff down there. We’ll stick in some plastic ducks and gooses to make sure that it looks natural and we’ll charge £30 per person to get in. We’ve got to make our money some how, especially now since speed camera revenues have dropped.”

The county borough council also plan on building a green energy power station on meadowland in Cardiff’s suburbs.

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