Roald Dahl toilet seat listed on eBay

A Swansea woman has this morning listed a toilet seat used by Roald Dahl on eBay.

Charlotte Scumweed, 42, got the toilet seat from her father, who was a toilet attendant in Cardiff in the 1960s.

Charlotte told WalesOnCraic her father’s story:

“He was cleaning the toilets one day when this man came rushing in in a blind panic. He recognised him straight away as Roald Dahl – even though he never read anything.

“Well, Roald flies into the cubicle and slams the door. From the noises, it was clear that the author had a case of the squits. Then he shouts out, ‘That’s it! A chocolate factory!’ That’s when the idea hit him for that book, see?

“My father unscrewed that seat, after cleaning it thoroughly, and brought it home in triumph. It has been in our family bathroom ever since.

“I never even dreamed of selling it, until I saw how much that chair of J.K.Rowling’s went for! A chair?

“Unfortunately, both me dad and Roald Dahl are no longer with us to prove the story. I know it looks a bit new, but it’s my opinion that every word is true – and I’m entitled to my opinion.

“I am expecting to be minted.”

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