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Rishi Sunak to announce 5p increase in price of Space Raiders

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce a 5p increase in the price of a pack of Space Raiders as he sets out the government’s tax and spending plans and forecasts for the UK economy in his Budget tomorrow.

Sunak said that the price rise was something that was inevitable, and that we should all bear the shoulder of burden together.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s Budget, a spokesperson told WalesOnCraic:

“We have all been through the most horrendous year and sadly, the support that we’ve given the British public will hit us hard. We need to start recouping some of the £5 trillion that we’ve doled out to help you lot so we’ve had to look long and hard at our figures. We worked out that putting the price of Space Raiders up by just 5p, that we can recoup that figure in just a few days. The price increase will help set the country up for the next few years. In the meantime, we’ll be looking at other ways to tax you without you knowing.”

The price increase will affect all flavours of the popular alien-shaped snacks, including Pickled Onion and Beef.

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