Ripping Yellow Pages in half ‘getting easier’


The art of ripping a Yellow Pages is a lot easier now that it was back in the 80s, according to experts.

Back in the day, only big strapping lads could rip the directory in half but these days, it’s common to see young children casually successfully completing the feat without breaking a sweat.

Dave Gunt of the Welsh Strongman Group said:

“It’s all getting a bit embarrassing these days. Back when I was a lad, we’d be in awe of big lads ripping a Yellow Pages in half. Of course, there was a knack to it which made it a lot easier but there was still a lot of strength needed to do it. I was down the nursery picking up my kid yesterday and all the kids were doing it for a laugh. There were torn up Yellow Pages directories all over the place.”

89% of Yellow Pages are now used to prop doors open, according to some poll we ran in the WalesOnCraic office.

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