Riots At Tesco Customer Service Desk After Shoppers Return To Get Refunds On Shit They Bought on Black Friday

Full-scale riots have broken out at a Cardiff Tesco store after shoppers returned to the store demanding refunds on the shit they bought on Black Friday.

Staff had to close the store after rioters ripped the Customer Services desk apart and left trolleys hanging around in aisles.

Manager John Wideboy told WalesOnCraic:

“They were like animals. They came in here intent on destruction and as such, our Customer Service Manager Tina Droopyboobs has had to take a day off work with stress.”

Shoppers were angry that they were sold a load of shit. One told WalesOnCraic:

“I came in here last night looking for a bargain. And what did I get? Some shitty Blaupunkt load of bollocks that I can’t even watch the darts on. I’m using it now as a door stop.”

Police said that there were no arrests, although a few of the rioters were beaten with rubber hoses.

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