Rhondda Man Spends 2 Weeks In Public Loo After Acting On Exit Signs To ‘Now Wash Your Hands’ Too Literally

A Rhondda man has spent two weeks in a public toilet after following the sign at the exit saying ‘Now Please Wash Your Hands’ quite literally.

Simon Clunge, unemployed, entered the public toilet on High Street on 20th January. After reaching the exit, he was faced with a sign reading ‘Now Please Wash Your Hands’. He told WalesOnCraic:

“Every time I went to go back out, I kept reading the sign telling me to wash my hands. So I’d go back and wash them and stick them under the drier. But then when I got back to the exit, the sign told me to go and wash them again. All I wanted was a quick piss. I’ve wasted two weeks of my life in there – and worse – I’ve missed 10 episodes of Corrie.”

Clunge was only discovered by council officials after they were trying to lock up.

“I got no idea what was going on in his head. All I wanted to do was lock the shitter up. But instead we had to call the cops and get this guy out.”

Clunge is now recovering at home, catching up with his recorded episodes of Coronation Street.

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