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Revealed: the average British person owns 145 mugs

A recent survey has uncovered the great British love affair with mugs.

The most revealing part of the study showed that the average UK household contains 145 mugs per person stored away in their cupboards.

Professor BonkEye, who led the study, told WalesOnCraic:

“We weren’t surprised by these findings. Even my house has about 400 mugs in it. We found that the reason why people have so many mugs is that we can’t be arsed to wash them once we’ve used them so it’s nice to have a supply in the cupboard when we want another cup of tea. Things get a bit hairy when we have to start using the mugs at the back of the cupboard – the ones we never use or the ones we use for other people when they come to the house. If you’re starting to use those mugs, it’s likely that your sink bowl is full of dirty mugs.”

Mother of seven Danni Slackflaps said:

“All of my cupboard space is used to hold mugs. I’ve got mugs for certain times of the day and for certain drinks. For instance, I’d never drink tea out of my cocoa mug and I’d never put coffee in th mug I use to water the plants with.”

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