Remainers would like ‘continuous referendums until they get the result they want’


Those in favour of remaining in the EU have told WalesOnCraic that they’d like continuous referendums until they get the result they want.

The claims come as prominent Brexiteer James Dyson packs up his hoovers and fucks off to Singapore.

A spokesman for the We’d Rather Stay In The EU Thanks Think Tank Group Society told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve got Rees-Mogg on a one-man mission to take us out of Europe and his bunch of cronies arguing that we Britain can stand alone because we won a war over 60 years ago. What they forget is that we won because of the help of 15 or 16 other countries. What we’re saying is that we’d like to have a second referendum and if we don’t get the result that we want, we’ll keep on having them until we do. It’s not fair that we should only rely on the result of one referendum.”

Critics of the critics say that they can’t remember what they voted for in the first place now.

“Bendy bananas and blue passports wasn’t it?”