Election 2017

Recovery lorry sent to recover Diane Abbott’s LBC radio interview

A recovery lorry has been sent to the studios of LBC radio to recover Diane Abbott’s car-crash radio interview.

The Shadow Home Secretary told LBC’s Nick Ferrari that the new 10,000 police officers that Labour have promised would be paid £30 a year each. No sorry. £8,000 a year. No sorry. The 250,000 extra police officers a year. £68 million. Does that sound about right? No. £80 million? Does that sound better?

The lorry left Politicians Salvage depot as soon as the interview was finished. Owner Ryan Dullard said:

“We can confirm that we received a call from LBC Radio studios early this morning. We had reports of some kind of car-crash interview that had taken place and we can confirm that Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was involved. We are hoping to reach the studios later on this afternoon – we would have got there sooner but there were 250,000 people heading to the job centre to sign up to be policemen and women.”

A spokesman for the Labour Party said:

“Diane was a bit confused on the show this morning. We think she hadn’t had her Weetabix, which she would need to do should she become the next Home Secretary.”

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