PROVEN: 96% of mouldy food in fridge is a male’s fault

A recent report has shown that 96% of mouldy food found in fridges is the responsibility of a male.

The report showed that lads failed to check dates on things and didn’t take old food out when filling the fridge up with new stuff.

Professor Colin CleverClogs who ran the study said:

“We found that the boys are actually quite lazy when it comes to chucking out the old stuff. Then they head to Kwik Save and buy more stuff and just shove it all in the fridge. After several months, this results in very mouldy food living at the very back of the fridge. A female is usually the first to spot the mouldy food and an argument usually ensues with the female accusing the male of being lazy. The male will typically respond by saying that he pays for all the food and the female usually responds by saying that it’s a waste of money. The male will then say that it’s his money to waste and the female will then say that the money he’s wasted could have gone on a nice meal out. The male will respond by accusing the female of wasting money on make-up and stuff and the female will respond by accusing the man of having a small penis. The male at this point will often get a bit stroppy and go down the pub to get shit-faced. And all because of a mouldy tomato.”

The report also showed that males were also more likely to use the fridge to store beer rather than fresh vegetables.

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