Prince Harry to treat Meghan to a Welsh fry up breakfast at a Cardiff Wetherspoons

Ginger royal Prince Harry is to show his missis the best of Wales by treating her to a fry up in a Cardiff Wetherspoons.

The high profile due are expected to dine at the Prince of Wales Wetherspoons at 9am before heading out to meet the riff raff.

A Royal Family spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“We want to show Meghan the best that Wales has to offer so we thought we’d show her a traditional Welsh dish first thing in the morning to set her up lovely for the day ahead. We’ve asked if chef can do her a nice veggie breakfast because we think that she might be a veggie. Then we’ll take her over to H&M to look at the latest Welsh fashion. After that, she’ll be off to Cardiff Castle to look at whatever they’ve got there and then they’ll piss off back to England.”

Prince Harry said:

“I’m very excited to come to Wales. It’s nice to know what country my Dad actually owns and as a result, I can go anywhere I want and do anything I want. That’s how important I am.”

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