Prince Harry To Leave Army and Join Jeremy Clarkson As Zumba Teacher In Barry

Prince Harry is set to leave the British Army and join Jeremy Clarkson running a Zumba class in Barry.

That’s according to Barry Zumba teacher Giles Smallballs, who runs a Zumba class at Coconuts.

The Prince, who has seen two tours of Afghanistan, will join Clarkson in September, according to Smallballs.

“I can’t wait. I’m so excited. He’s been busy blowing up the Taliban for the last few years so he’ll love it in Barry. I’ve bought him a lovely pink T-shirt with ‘Arry written on it and I’ll invite the Barry and District around so that they can take a photo of me presenting it to him. I’ll have Jeremy running the Tuesday classes and Harry can do the Wednesday ones. My Zumba empire is building very well and I can’t wait to be recognised as Barry’s leading Zumba director.”

But Giles’s mum has played down the rumours.

“The boy’s talking shit. He says that all these different people are coming to run his Zumba class but he’s talking out of his arsehole. Last year, he said that Elvis was coming to teach a class. I’ve disowned him. He’s an embarrassment.”

Harry’s Zumba classes will start on Wednesday 16th September.

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