Primark opens an eBay account to start selling goods


Retail giant Primark has opened up an eBay account after registering zero sales in the last month.

The store has suffered from the lack of an online presence, but bosses say that the new eBay account should bring in a couple of hundred quid.

Boss Barry Bigflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve currently got a website but you can’t buy our shit on there. So we’ve embraced technology and we’ve opened up an eBay account so we can start selling some clothes and that. We’ve got Peggy listing all the items and Jane will be the one taking stuff to the Post Office. Her husband Bill will be doing all the packing because he’s good at that. We’ve got lots of new stock in so Bob’s your uncle really.”

The retailer is hoping to make a couple of hundred quid over the next few days, which will help towards wages for staff who can’t work.

“I’m just hoping that Bill’s got enough Sellotape to last the week as he does use rather a lot.”

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