Prestatyn man mistakes WWII grenade for plum – blows teeth out

A Prestatyn man has mistaken a WWII grenade for a plum and blown his front teeth out.

Billy Quick, from Gronant, bit into the weakened grenade after finding it in his garden.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got a lovely apple tree at the bottom of my garden so I was very surprised to find a plum lying there among the apples. I was even more surprised when I tried to bite into it and it went off in my mouth. Funny thing is, I had an appointment the next day at the dentist to take out a few dodgy teeth but now I don’t have to. God works in mysterious ways. Praise Ye The Lord.”

Neighbour Peter Tightkegs described the scene:

“I was watching him potter about in his garden because I’m a pervert. The next thing you know, he’s bent down to pick something up, takes a bite and there was this big green flash. When the smoke cleared, there was Billy. He was ok – just had no teeth left. We found some of them on his shed roof.”

North Wales Police have advised anyone attempting to eat a plum that has grown from an apple tree.

PC Plod warned:

“This man was very lucky that this was a weakened WWII grenade. If it had been a SCUD or a Trident missile he’d tried biting into, we’d have a very different outcome on our hands.”

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