Predictive Text Mistake Leaves Wales First Minister, Carwyn Jones, Sheepish!

The Senedd Chamber in Cardiff was in uproar this morning when it was revealed that due to a predictive text error, the title of Wales’ first ‘National Treasure’ went to the wrong recipient.

With elections due in 2016 to the Welsh Assembly, First Minister Carwyn Jones was pulling out all the stops to endear him and Welsh Labour, to the voters of Wales.

Leaked papers obtained by a WalesonCraic source within the Senedd clearly shows the desperation within Carwyn Jones’ inner circle, to win a majority in 2016.

The idea of the Welsh Assembly adopting a National Treasure every year on St David’s Day came from a think tank that met in various Cardiff pubs.

“Carwyn needs to be seen as being close to ‘Welsh Celebrities’ and it was decided that the first recipient would be BBC Wales weather forecaster and star of “Weather Man Walking”, Derek Brockway. The fact Derek also looks like the First Minister was purely a coincidence,” said our unnamed source.

However, it seems that the email supposedly to be sent to Derek Brockway, instead, was sent to Derek the Weathersheep, who accepted by return.

“As the email started, Dear Derek, I knew it was for me and well deserved after years of weather forecasting to my fans in Wales and across the world. I was gobsmacked that Carwyn was recognising me,” said Derek the Weathersheep.

Following questions put to Carwyn Jones’ PR spokesperson Celia Bumfluff, she replied “It seems that the offer to Derek the Weathersheep was the result of an email to his secretary. Instead of typing Derek Brockway, a predictive text error resulted in Derek the Weathersheep being typed. We send our sincere apologies to Derek Brockway and maybe he could be the winner, next year.

Derek the Weathersheep said “I am over the moon and I can confirm that there will be NO weather in Wales tonight as Farmer Honey has been to Kwik Save and bought in a crate of Skol lager and pork scratchings and we will be partying in the barn tonight. All being well, weather will return tomorrow afternoon”.

“Dolly has gone and bought a new outfit and had her fleece permed and she’s already been on the cider. I hope I will be on a promise, later. It’s an honour and I will do Wales proud as the Welsh Assembly’s FIRST appointed National Treasure,” said Derek (the Weathersheep).

First Minister Carwyn Jones was asked about the mix up and said “Oh dear, mistakes do happen, but you must agree that Derek the Weathersheep is a worthy winner. I hope he doesn’t leave sheep poo in the Welsh Assembly when he collects his title on St David’s Day.”

Report by Aunty Agnes as seen on Facebook’s “The Wit and Wisdom of Aunty Agnes”

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