Porthcawl Boy Finds Tyrion Lannister Hiding In Kinder Surprise Egg

A boy from Porthcawl got a pleasant surprise this morning when he opened his Kinder Egg and found Game of Thrones star Tyrion Lannister inside.

The popular character told reporters that he’d been hiding from other characters who were out to kill him.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got people all over the place wanting me dead. I think they’re jealous of my good looks and my likeable character. I took my opportunity to go into hiding when I visited a Kinder Surprise Egg factory last week. I was fine until this twat in Porthcawl opened it up.”

The boy who opened the egg, 42 stone Craig BigGrits, said:

“My mammy said I could have some more Kinder Eggs if I cleaned my room. So I chucked everything under my bed and told her to come and have a look. She was very impressed. So we sat down last night to watch a rerun of Heartbeat, I opened my egg and little Tyrion popped out. I really did have a Kinder surprise!”

Mum Yvonne added:

“I’m selling the little man on, unless he can do a bit of hovering – in which case, he can stay.”


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