Port Talbot-scented car air fresheners go on sale

A new range of air fresheners for cars has been launched in Wales.

The first product – Essence of Port Talbot – perfectly captures the heavy tones of sulphur and fumes on a hot summer’s evening.

CEO Mandy FatArse told WalesOnCraic:

“We are very pleased to announce our new range of products, starting with the Port Talbot car air freshener. Many Welsh people will be familiar with the wonderful soft aroma of Port Talbot on a hot summer’s day. We think we’ve captured this smell perfectly in our new range and it really will bring back wonderful memories of driving down the M4 and trying to keep under 50mph. We are looking to launch new products later in the year, including the smell of the Brains factory in Cardiff and the smell that you’re greeted with as you come over the Severn Bridge.”

Shop owner Dai ‘David’ Davies, who was one of the first to order a batch, said:

“Obviously, the lads gave it 100% and all credit to the other side, the boys came out here today to enjoy themselves. I said to them before they went out there that they had to enjoy…sorry. I thought you asked about last night’s game. Sorry. Yes, the new car air fresheners are lush mun.”

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